NC Voyageurs Reunion

Northland College 125th Anniversary Celebration
Voyageurs Reunion!
Fall Festival, Sept. 22 & 23, 2017
(Updated 7/25/2017)

Welcome ALL!
Looking forward to seeing you this September.
We will sing songs from different eras of the
Northland College Voyageurs - from gray jackets forward.
Let me know what YOUR favorite song was / is.
In the table below, you will find links for PDF sheet music and MP3 audio files for learning and practicing. Enjoy!

I will be updating and amending this table as I get materials prepared.
Please check back!!
(see update date, top of page!) MP3s for individual parts coming soon.

Song Title
Sheet Music
French Word

Full Mix

Tenor 1
Tenor 2
En roulant ma boule
PDF Lyrics
En roul T1
En roul T2
En roul Bar
En roul Bass
A St. Malo
PDF Lyrics
ASt T1
A St T2
ASt Br
A St Bass
A la claire fontaine
A la T1
A la T2
A la Br
A la Bass
Envoyons d'l'avant
Envoy T1
Envoy T2
Envoy Bass
Fringue! Fringue!
Fringue T1
Fringue T2
Fringue Br
Fringue Bass
M'en revenant
Men Rev T1
Men Rev T2
Men Rev Br
Men Rev Bass
Luron Lure
Luron T1
Luron T2
Luron Br
Luron Bass
Ah! Si Mon Moine
Ah Si T1
Ah Si T2
Ah Si Br
Ah Si Bass
Red Iron Ore
Red Iron Ore
Red Iron T1
Red Iron T2
Red Iron Br
Red Iron Bass
Driver's Song
PDF Lyrics
Drivers T1
Drivers T2
Drivers Br
Drivers Bass
Chantey Medley
PDF Lyrics
Chantey Medley
Chantey T1
Chantey T2
Chantey Br
Chantey Bass
Un Voyageur Errant
En Voy T1
En Voy T2
En Voy Br
En Voy Bass
Eternal Father Strong To Save
PDF Lyrics
Eternal Father Strong To Save
Eternal T1
Eterna T2
Eterna Br
Eterna Bass
PDF Music
PDF Lyrics
Shad T1
Shad T2
Shad Br
Shad Bass

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