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Kids on The Mountain
Tom Draughon
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
The Fox
Take 3
Second Wind
Tom Draughon
Eternal Journey
Big Men, Big Trees
The Pinery Boys
Bien Travailler
Sons of the Voyageur
Canot d'écorce
Sons of the Voyageur
This Round's for You
Sons of the Voyageur
and ThePinery Boys
Reservation Reflections
  Season of Delight
Tom Draughon
and Laura Berlage
Frenchmen Street
Joel Glickman
Bentley Brehm
These Digital Downloads are by artists who are no longer affiliated with Heartistry Music.
But their music is still great! We wish them well in their new endeavors.
In some cases, the files may still be available on the Heartistry Music website.
In others, the cover images link to that artist's most current sales page.
  Live Ashland Folk Fest
Wold Oats
Nothing As It Seems
John Bowman
Ever Since You Went Away
Joel Glickman