Our Mission and History

Heartistry Music began as one struggling musicial artist trying to help other struggling artist friends. I had just finished a new CD and, when the web was still quite new, decided to offer it to the public via the world wide web. Thinking that one little CD looked pretty puny all by itself I decided to invite all of my musician friends in the area to post their products as well. They gladly accepted, and Heartistry Music was born.

After numerous inquiries I saw the need for a formal music label. So, now, Heartistry Music is a music distribution and publishing company and record label dedicated to marketing quality recordings by independent artists. We are currently focusing on artists who reside in the north Midwest area encompassing the south shore of Lake Superior and beyond. All products listed here are of the highest quality, great listening, and they are guaranteed.

Heartistry Music Logo

When you purchase products from Heartistry Music the proceeds will go directly to that artist. For ordering information, and to view our return policy, please see our Contact page. In addition to CD sales, concert booking for all artists listed on this site can be done through Heartistry Music. We also offers music typesetting and CD duplication services For comments or suggestions on our site please Contact us.

Thank you for visiting Heartistry Music!
- Tom Draughon, Owner